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What are the steps to get my money?

STEP 1: Go to our Sign Up page and enter your eviction information.

STEP 2: We will call you to review your case.

STEP 3: Provide us with any documents we may need and YOU ARE DONE.

We will take care of everything else.

How long before they leave my house ?

It takes two weeks before your day in court. Sometimes it will take a week before you can file a Warrant of Restitution. Then the Warrant is forwarded to the judge for signature. This may also take a week. Finally the Warrant is sent to the Sheriff Department. So within the court system it can take a month (assuming no other problems). The Sheriff has their own schedule and processes. I can not estimate how long before the "final" eviction date.

What is a 30-Day Notice to Terminate Tenancy?

A 30-Day Notice to Terminate Tenancy is used to give a month to month tenant, notice that the owner wishes to regain possession of the property after the 30 days have expired. This notice can only be used on tenants who are on a month to month tenancy, or tenants who can be considered "tenants at will". The tenant is given notice that he/she/they are expected to vacate the property by the expiration of the notice. The tenants are responsible for all of the rent until the expiration of the notice, even if they move out early. If the tenants do not vacate the property by the expiration of the notice, an Unlawful Detainer action will have to be filed so that the owner may regain possession of the property. The owner does not have to specify a reason for the notice on the notice or otherwise, good cause is not an issue.

What is a 24 Hours Notice to Enter Dwelling?

This notice is given to the tenant to notify them that the owner or authorized agent needs to enter the premises within 24 hours. The notice may be given if the owner wishes to inspect the property, needs to do necessary or agreed upon repairs, or show the dwelling unit to prospective purchasers. The owner should state the reason for entrance on the notice. The entrance of the premises should be done during normal business hours. The notice should be served on the tenant, first attempt personal and substitute service, or post the notice if necessary, and 24 hours after the notice has been served, the owner or agent can enter the dwelling, pursuant to Civil Code §1954. If the tenant does not allow entrance to the premises, the owner may have to get local law enforcement to help enforce the notice. Some law enforcement agencies may not enforce the notice, but the more information you have to educate the local law enforcement about the notice, such as a copy of Civil Code §1954 to provide them with, as well as a copy of the notice and proof that you served the tenant, will help in your efforts to gain entry into the dwelling unit.

I served a 30-Day notice to my tenant and they haven't paid their rent for this month, what can I do?

We can start the eviction process for you. All we will need is a copy of your notice.

I know the first name of a person living in my property who doesn't belong in the property and didn't sign the rental agreement, so should I include them on the notice?

If you are informed and believe that a person is living in the property who is not a party to the rental agreement, you should name them on the notice. If you have knowledge of their presence and their name, then they are not an "unknown occupant" so they should be included on the notice.

The utilities are in my name but the tenant is supposed to pay them and they are past due, can I shut them off? Or the utilities are in my name, and I've paid them all along but since they aren't paying me why should I pay the utilities?

No! You cannot turn the utilities off. Even if the utilities are past due and they aren't paying you, you cannot stop paying them or have them turned off. Doing so will only cause you more problems in the end. These actions can be construed as retaliatory towards the tenant, especially during an eviction. Turning off the utilities could also stop the eviction entirely.

I don't have a lease with my tenant, can i still evict?

Yes you can. If you are looking for rent monies or an eviction we can help.